CEF - VN Newsletter - April 2012

Gifts that I Receive

As the hands-on in-country person there is always work to do; although it’s constant, it mainly doesn’t feel like work. I am in a very fortunate position of being the conduit; the one who helps funds manifest into reality at this end. I see sponsorship and donation funds turn into school supplies, children in school, medicine and vitamins and food for some. It’s satisfying work connecting our sponsors with children in need; it feels like giving a child a guardian.

There is a great deal of joy and satisfaction in being in my position. I see the children go to school and advance. l see their health improve and put on some weight. What is truly miraculous is when I see them shining with the awareness that a different and better future is possible with an education.

We receive deeply moving communication from both children and their parents as well as from our donors and sponsors. Recently we have had some compassionate sponsors wanting to make sure that the childrens’ caregivers are also looked after. We receive gifts for the children from our visiting sponsors. We sometimes receive drawings from children and food gifts from sponsored parents as these are two ways they can show appreciation.

There are sad times too when we realize some of the parents and grandparents are close to death or have died.

Of course some of the work is a challenge; days out travelling from community to community and the almost constant making of major decisions; who we interview, who we help, how much we help, if food is needed, who we send to have a full medical examination and which of the poorly parents can we help as well?

We have fun too; we enjoy buying New Year presents, planning award giving, and special events like the beach outing last year and the one upcoming in two months’ time. On some visits we give balloons, or a camera for them to take photos of each other while we talk with their parent or guardian.

All our kind, generous donors, sponsors and supporters make all this possible. Every single person contributing in some way makes a difference. Thank you very much.

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