We hope the following helpful. These resources will help understand the importance of education for impoverished and marginalized children.

Education World Bank Report on Girls’ Education

Council on Foreign Relations – ‘Girls' Education Key to Global Wealth, Health, New Council Report Finds girls_education_key_to_global_wealth_health_new_council_report_finds.html

We.News – ‘Global Education of Girls Is Key to Development’

PLANetWIRE – ‘Saving Women's Lives: Educating Girls’

Louisiana State University – ‘The Third World’s Fight for Education’

Cherie Blair – ‘Women of the World’ – ‘Educating Girls’

Wikipedia – ‘Universal Primary Education’

United Nations – Vietnam ‘Why do so few ethnic minority girls make the transition to lower secondary school?’

United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative

UNICEF – The State of the World’s Children 2004

UNICEF – ‘Overcoming Barriers to Girls’ Education in South East Asia’ (Whole Book)

UNESCO -National Institute for Educational Development, MOET Vietnam ‘Gender Issues in Education in Vietnam’

UNESCO Education Girls - Education – Primary Education

Centre for Global Development - Girls Count: A Global Investment & Action Agenda

Girl Effect – Education for Girls

Girl Effect - YouTube - The Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking

Onevietnam: The Case for Investing in Girls | Vietnam Talking Points

Flying Ducks? Girls' Schooling in Rural Vietnam
Author: Liu, Amy Y. C.1
Source: Asian Economic Journal, Volume 15, Number 4, December 2001, pp. 385-403(19)
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Summary: Due to Confucian values, girls are colloquially referred to as `flying ducks' as they are regarded as a loss to the family upon marriage. Cultural values could shape the parents' perception of the rate of the children's income transfer to the parents. If the cultural norms dictate that sons provide old-age security to the parents, while daughters marry and provide no support to the parents, parents may not be willing to invest as much in girls' education relative to boys. Promotion of gender equality and reduction of the reliance on sons in providing old-age security to parents are necessary to ensure that girls have equal opportunities to receive education.

Trafficking and Prostitution

USAID Women in Development (WID): Trafficking Case Study

Trafficking – Education is a Key Step in Changing the Supply & Demand of Human Trafficking

Prostitution in Thailand and Southeast Asia (paper on)

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