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It’s easy to make a difference to the life of a Vietnamese child; just get involved

Sponsor a Girl

Help a girl receive an education
• We always have girls waiting for a sponsor to support them to receive an education. These children can’t go to school because their families are too poor to afford the costs of schooling.

• School sponsorships vary: $150 - $300 (2011-2013 fees).
You will receive information and photos of the child you are sponsoring at the beginning of your sponsorship. Yearly you will receive a school report, photos and an update on the child.

• Food assistance $100 per school year
Some children need more food than their family can provide for them to be strong and able to concentrate on their school work; it’s hard to concentrate when hungry.

Vocational Training and University Sponsorships

Once they've completed school, many of the children CEF - VN supports are suitable candidates for vocational training, college or university. A further qualification is a considerable advantage when it comes to finding employment.

• Further Education Fund
At the end of secondary schooling most children are keen to continue their education. Your help can make a difference to their future income; a child with a university education can earn 10 times the average income or more. Donations towards this fund help a child receive further education.

• Vocational training - $500 for a year
Some of the children who haven’t been able to go to university have chosen to train as seamstresses, electricians and motorbike mechanics.

• University costs $900 per year and courses are typically 4 years long.

Purchase Meaningful Gifts that Change Lives

This gift for someone dear can be a shared one. Please email us about your gift request:

• Gift tokens are available from $100. They come in a beautiful card, which is blank

$100 – Medical care
This goes towards our medical fund for the children in our educational sponsorship programs. Medical care and medicine is not free in Vietnam. Being poor they often are unwell and many have poor eyesight. It goes towards urgent or essential medical help needed by the children: appointments and treatment from doctors, thyroid, heart or asthma medication, eye examinations and eye glasses.

$100 – A second-hand bike
A good quality second-hand bike for a child to get to school more easily

$100 – Food allowance
This food allowance for a year is for a sponsored child who hasn’t enough to eat; this will provide a little more food each day for that child

$100 – Winter clothing and a blanket
Some of our families are too poor to own a winter blanket or to buy their children winter clothing. Many get frequent chills and chest infections through the winter months and end up missing school. A winter blanket, jacket and warm clothing make all the difference

$125 – School supplies
A variety of school supplies for a year for a minority tribe primary school

$150 – A new bike
A new bike for a parent to have transport; to be able to take the children to school and get to work and be able to increase their income

$150 – Education
Education for a year for a child (Grade 1-5)

$200 – Education Education for a year for a child (Grade 6-9)

$250 – Education
Education for a year for a child (Grade 10-12)


We welcome fundraisers who share our love for children and want them to have a future with choice. Have fun fundraising!

• Turn one of the events in your life into a CEF - VN fundraising event (your book club, tennis club, your poker playing group, your golf group or your wine club). Can you run an event with your group with the proceeds going to CEF - VN? Let us know what information or support materials you need to do this.

• Have a monthly ‘dress casual day’ at your office and ask for a donation.

• Invite friends to a meal at your home or in a restaurant, and ask that each person that evening makes a donation to CEF - Vietnam.

• Hold a walkathon, swimathon or readathon at the school your child or grandchild attends.

• Shave your head or get someone else to shave theirs (such as the headmaster at the school that your child or grandchild attends or a local famous person) and get sponsors for the event

• Organize a fancy dress dinner-dance event with live music.

• If your event is in New York City let us know if you want one of our team to give a presentation.

• If you sell any product consider donating a percentage of the profits to CEF – Vietnam.

• Please let us know of any good fundraising ideas; they are always welcome. Contact us


• Donations are appreciated and always make a difference.
All donations and checks are receipted.

See donation page for more information.

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