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Linda Burn - Childrenís Education Foundation Founding Director and In-Country Manager - Vietnam

CEF - VN spontaneously arose out of a need I saw in Vietnam to help some girls receive an education and have the opportunity of further education or training, whichever was most suitable for them. I wanted to see them have a life with choices, not the limited one I saw around me so often of extreme poverty with few choices and daily struggle. Poverty sometimes leads to parents taking desperate measures, consciously and sometimes not, of selling their daughters for a tidy sum, into arranged marriages where they end up being a prostitute, or to brothels or to factories where they are enslaved. A girl in schooling has less chance of this happening to her. This desire to help females from impoverished or marginalized communities still exists for me today 9 years later and maybe even more strongly than in the past, as I now have seen the differences an education makes here. There is no turning back.

I think that being of service to others is important and meaningful to me. When I look at my life I see how it has taken priority over everything else. It has been an important priority since about 17 years of age. Being conscious and developing consciousness is important to me as without it I am half asleep and will act unconsciously out of deep patterning or biological programming. I am blessed with a large family who I love very much and greatly enjoy their friendship and companionship. Relaxing with very dear friends and playing with my animals helps create a balance. Some of our big-hearted CEF - VN supporters have become dear friends who I enjoy time with. Finding balance, wholeness of body, mind and spirit is important to me. I love how natural unadulterated foods and plants are so powerful in providing us with good health and vitality. I do love time in nature, getting fresh vital air, especially by rivers, in green and lush countryside and by the blue sea.

When not working I enjoy delicious, healthy meals shared with family or dear friends, especially by the seasideÖ and long, energizing, early morning walks with friends and my dog Zen before the days heat hits along the beach. I try to spend a lot of time in a quiet environment as silence nourishes me and sometimes uplifting music in the background is wonderful. I enjoy reading mainly about the amazing work caring individuals do around the world to help those less fortunate, or about people who have blossomed after a life of terrible hardship, and also enjoy spiritually uplifting books. Travelling to new and interesting places or countries where dear friends or family live is a treat. When time allows I challenge myself to learn new things that are difficult for me, such as learning to do scuba diving (Iím claustrophobic), or long cycle rides in the countryside (when I havenít cycled much for 15 years). Reflecting on and feeling gratitude for what I have and what I have had.

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